The Differences Between New Construction Windows & Replacement Windows

Many homeowners find it challenging to make a choice between the replacement windows and the new construction windows. When making a comparison between the two, you’ll find out that there’re lots of key differences that make them ideal for certain situations.

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There’s a lot more to consider before choosing the type of window that’s more suitable for your home. Many homeowners fail to understand the importance of their differences. This guide illustrates everything you require to be familiar with about replacement windows in Vista, CA vs new windows from what exactly they are to the best choice for your home.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can be installed in two different methods: pocket replacement and full frame replacement. What you’re particularly looking for as well as the status of your house will influence the most suitable choice for you. A full frame replacement window comprises of the removal of the whole existing frame, window, jambs, and moldings; resulting in a completely new unit. A full frame replacement is ideal when your existing woodwork and frame surrounding your window are in a bad state. Also, if you’d want a different framing and woodwork than the existing one and wish to replace, full frame replacement would be the best choice.

On the other hand, pocket replacement is done when your woodwork and framing are still in good condition but just require the window itself. There’s no better choice between the two since it’s all based on what you want and what your home requires.

New Windows

New windows are mostly applicable when you’re constructing a new home or when simply installing a window where it never existed. However, there’re some situations where homeowners opt to install opening windows in a recently made opening rather than getting new windows.

One of the cons of new windows is that they’re normally of lesser quality and less energy efficient as compared to replacement windows. This is because when builders are constructing a new home, they’re hoping to save as much money as they can and a lot of the times windows get less attention compared to other sections of the home.

Replacement Windows vs New Windows: Other Differences

Replacement windows are made much differently since there’s more attention paid to detail. They’re custom made in order to fit securely and precisely on your present opening. Another difference between the two is the cost. You may think that new windows come at a lower price because they’re of a different quality from the replacement windows.

Nevertheless, with new windows, you’ll have to construct the opening and everything that holds the window from the start, which normally ends up to be more than a usual replacement window project. You’ll also have to eventually replace them since the new windows aren’t as great of a product.

Replacement Windows vs New Windows: The Right Choice

It’s of great importance to know which choice is the best so as to get your money’s worth. When doing a new construction project, you’ll need to be mindful of the windows being installed. Ensure they’re energy efficient and remember to inquire of the windows’ energy ratings.

Irrespective of your choice, it’s always crucial to utilize the input of a professional. You can call (760) 727-0001. This can ensure you to get better products as well as professional window installation from a company like Your Window Shoppe at 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.

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