Common Types of Residential Replacement Windows

What Are The Most Common Types Of Replacement Windows Homeowners Can Choose From?

If you are looking for replacement windows in San Marcos, CA for your home, the vast selection of windows on the market can be overwhelming.

San Marcos CA Window Replacement

Fortunately, there are several types of replacement windows that are very popular. In addition, these types of windows offer very unique advantages that you can take into consideration when you are making your final decision.

Replacement Sliding Windows

These windows are generally available in configurations that are two panels or three panels. Sliding windows offer a feature that is unique from other windows in that they are constructed with one window pane that is fixed, and at least one other window pane that is movable.

However, one of the biggest advantages of these types of windows is that they are perfect for panoramic exterior views due to being horizontally oriented. Movable panes are simple to slide in either direction, and this leads to easier cleaning.

Finally, sliding panes are easy to maintain because there are not as many parts required to operate this type of window.

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most common types of replacement windows available. Unlike sliding windows, double hung windows are vertically oriented and have both a top and a bottom sash that allows proper air ventilation.

These windows have been used in the home construction industry for decades, and because of their durability and adaptability, they work well in different styles of homes from ranch style homes to bungalows, mansions, and Cape Cod houses.

Updated double hung windows are simple to clean because each sash can tilt in. As a result, homeowners do not need to climb a ladder in order to reach the window’s exterior.

Replacement Awning Windows

Awning windows pivot out instead of inward like double hung windows. However, the hinges on awning windows are on the top, and they are similar to sliding windows in that they are horizontally oriented.

These types of windows are typically in bathrooms and walk-in closets near the ceiling. They are installed in this location to offer several advantages:

They can allow natural light to enter the room
They allow proper air ventilation
They preserve privacy in these rooms

Awning windows offer another benefit. They can remain open when it is raining outside and you do not have to worry about water entering the home.

Replacement Casement Windows

This type of replacement window utilizes a crank that allows the window to move outward. The hinges are located on the left and right of the window so a breeze can enter the room.

Casement windows are the best option for security simply because they can only be opened by an interior crank. Also, their ease of operation makes them a great choice for a window style over bathroom and kitchen sinks.

When you are planning a renovation, there are many common types of replacement windows. There are also window types that are not as common such as hopper windows, bay windows, and storm windows. You can consult with a qualified professional to make the best decision based on your needs and budget.

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