Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Reasons to Buy Vinyl Over Other Materials

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Ever wonder what you are going to do when it’s time to replace your outdated windows? How about deciding which material of windows? 

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There are 3 main materials used in producing windows

These are wood, vinyl and fiberglass.  Out of the 3 vinyl is the most economical to purchase, more energy efficient that wood, have virtually no maintenance, improve your home’s value and are the most durable.   

All in all, you get better windows at the best price especially when you consider you get factory direct pricing on vinyl windows from Your Window Shoppe, so how can you go wrong? 

They Are Less Expensive

One of the biggest attractions for vinyl windows is the price point.  They are the least costly in the group.  And, they come in a huge selection of styles, designs and colors that are standard.  This is not the case for wood or fiberglass windows.   

Wood is expensive and not only that the wood frames are in constant need of maintenance and repair.  Vinyl windows can hold up even in the harshest of UV.  Vinyl windows are made of materials that can handle the elements, heat and cold don’t affect them like they do wood and they virtually have no maintenance. 

Sure you might need to caulk around them ever so often as needed but for the most part.  The are installed and left to enjoy.  Pretty obvious choice.  The can even make them look like wood.  

Better Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are as energy efficient as Wood.  They are made of a polymer and have a great R factor. 

Team up the vinyl with some double paned windows filled with gases and you can’t get much better insulation.  Vinyl windows in the winter and not cold to the touch or in the summer not hot to the touch. 

They don’t absorb the heat energy like you would expect from some other materials which is one of the reasons to love them. 

They Require Virtually No Maintenance

Some vinyl window companies As vinyl windows come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and designs they also come pre-finished and require minimum to no maintenance. 

Vinyl windows will come in the color that you want and they will remain that color for the rest of their lives.  So choose wisely.  There are special paints for vinyl, however, you would then be compromising the fact there is no maintenance.

Wood windows requires a lot of preservation and maintenance.  Bugs like Wooden frames and destroy them.  

They’re more Durable that Wood

Vinyl windows and doors could last a lifetime.  They resist the elements, require no maintenance and resist mildew, mold and bugs. 

The exterior of the frame won’t rot or warp over time and will remain looking like new for years to come.  Easy to clean.  Low Maintenance Replacement window options.  And, most come with a warranty. Vinyl windows are the top pick in window replacement.

Through and through vinyl doors and windows are your best option.  They are low maintenance, energy efficient and look great year around. They are sure to improve your home’s curb appeal and offer a lifetime of enjoyment. Need help choosing a company for replacement windows San Diego has plenty but only one YWS. Visit Your Window Shoppe for a free tour or call us today – 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081. Your Window Shoppe (760) 727-0001


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