5 Common Types Of Replacement Windows For The Home

When it comes to renovation work and a home improvement project there is a lot of planning and thought put into each element of your design, and when it comes to your doors and windows this is even truer. At Your Window Shoppe Replacement Windows & Doors, we know that new windows are a fashion statement in themselves to a degree as depending on the environment that you live in and the direction that the windows face will dictate the amount of natural lighting and the ever-present view that both yourselves and your visitors will see.

When it comes to replacement windows you have a range of choices. Below you will find five types of the window along with the overriding benefits of each one.

1) Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, these are windows that you can slide across to allow any breeze to enter, as well as letting any household smells out. If you have the room outside you may want to continue these windows down to the floor allowing access to the outside as well as having turned your window into a separate entrance.

2) Awning Windows

This type of window also opens but is generally pinned at the top so that you can push the lower pain out to gain additional ventilation to the room as well as letting natural warmth or cooling to enter depending on the season.

3) Casement Windows

Casements windows also open outwards but unlike the awning type, these are secured at the sides and have a crank handle that when rotated allows the window to open out ion its hinges.

4) Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most frequently found and you may have noticed them in a variety of houses in your past. The benefit if these windows are that they work on a sash principle where you can lift and lower one half of the window. and which are perhaps the easiest to clean of the range.

5) Specialty Picture Windows

As the name suggests the versatility of these is that they can be made to almost any size to allow a unique look to your room. These are particularly good when you have a lot of natural light available. These will allow a greater amount of light in and can be placed on nontraditional window heights to better capture the daylight especially replacement windows in Escondido, CA.

It really is down to you to adopt the style that most suits your project and preferred style. Home windows, when chosen wisely and dressed accordingly really, can make a huge impact to any room. At Your Window Shoppe, we specialize in vinyl windows manufacturing. Give us a call at (760) 727-0001 or stop by our factory at 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.

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